what will be the risks for the global economies over the next few months? what are the opportunities left in fixed income? what will the next wave of monetary policy intervention look like? are equity markets set to deliver positive returns through to year-end? developed markets or emerging markets which asset class has the better potential to deliver value to investors? you can discover the answers to these and other questions by watching the asset class videos featuring pioneer investments’ specialists and their views on the economy and investment strategy.


Monica Defend

A Tale of Two Lows for the Global Economy

Monica Defend: Global Head of Asset Allocation Research

Diego Franzin

European Equities: Some Room to Deliver

Diego Franzin: Head of Equity - Europe

Mauro Ratto

Emerging Markets: The Worst May Be Over

Mauro Ratto: Head of Emerging Markets

Ken Taubes

US Fixed Income in a Wave of Unconventional Global Monetary Policy

Ken Taubes: Head of Investment Management, US

Andrew Acheson

Remain Positive, But Expect Greater Volatility

Andrew Acheson: Portfolio Manager & Leader of the U.S. Growth Team