• Walking on a Tightrope

      There have been continued concerns that the global economy may be stuck in stagnation or deflation, given both cyclical and structural challenges. That said, we remain relatively positive.

      We expect world GDP to recover as the global output gap is on the way to closing and inflation is picking up. More specifically, we think the recovery in DMs will continue, and while we remain cautious about EMs, we still believe that EMs as a whole can avoid another dip after the slowdown in 2015. This is because we believe central banks (CBs) and other policymakers in major regions will continue to move in the right direction.

    • Spotlight on Global Asset Classes

      Discover Amundi Asset Management views on global asset classes in a context of accelerating growth and inflation. For 2017, we see little value in core government bonds as yields are expected to trend higher. Global Equity is our favourite asset class in a reflationary environment, followed by Core Credit. Selective opportunities in Emerging Markets fixed income and currencies.
    • Spotlight on Global Asset Classes Q3 2017

      The growth outlook is still benign: we confirm our global GDP growth forecast, at 3.5% for 2017, acknowledging better than expected world trade dynamics. The inflation outlook remains constructive although milder than anticipated and financial conditions around the world are favourable. The macro environment looks favourable for risk assets.